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Welcome to the content for the 21 Day Cleanse, Detox and Repair Program.

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***Note: this is a private page and only for the members of the 21 day detox program. Please do not share this to anyone. Thank you!


I’m so excited to take the next 21 days with you. As you may already know, your results will be influenced by your intention. So let’s connect to that which is in your deepest desire to create together! Please answer and submit these questions :
    1. What is your intention for the 21 day cleanse, detox and repair your body and mind program ?
    2.  What results would that intention look like?
    3. What are some old and new behaviours you did or now need associated with getting that result? (Discipline, planning, organised ,consistent )
    4. How do you feel ? (Scared, nervous, excited etc)
    5. How would you like to feel?


Day 1 – Intention for this program and Upgrading and Evolving My Self Image

Some questions for reflections:

  1. What self-image are you letting go? What behaviours are you letting go?
  2. What is my upgraded self image and the behaviours?


Day 2 – Recognising The Old Self

For awareness and reflection

  1. How old was that aspect (that part of the old self image)?
  2. Where does or did it live in your body?
  3. What was the behaviour or the feeling?


Day 3 – I Am  Strength In Openness Yes I Am

Receiving and digesting my emotions

In respect to a relationship we have with our body let’s start with the relationship you have with your stomach.

  1. What’s is my current relationship with my stomach and digestion?
  2. How does my stomach feel about me?


Day 4 – Digesting Emotions and Setting Boundaries

Some questions for reflections:

  1. Are you digesting your emotions or projects?
  2. What are the next natural steps in your life in a project you have been avoiding or an empire you are excited to build but feel overwhelmed by?
  3. What boundaries and healthy choices are you making to release toxins or toxic relationships or things in your your life?

Healthy release of burdens so to allow sweetness and joy back into your life. Sound of singing and joy. Sing the change you want to create or manifest. Align your vibration with your sound. Tone the sound.


Day 5

Releasing The Defensive Self

  1. What parts of you still live in defence?
  2. What part of you has co-created this experience? (whatever experience you want to shift)
  3. What would your next natural steps be and how would next week, next month, next year look like if you weren’t reacting or living from defence mechanisms?


Day 6

(Sounds of Receiving (Volume 3) Some questions for reflections:

  1. What part of myself is/was destructive? (The part that doesn’t let me finish over the finish line)
  2. What do I invite that part to do?
  3. What intention or goal am I amplifying?


Day 7 –  Stepping into Heartfelt Communication and Moving Beyond Betrayal

(Sounds Of Transformation Vol. 7) Some questions for reflections:
  1. What part have you betrayed or felt betrayed by another?
  2. Complete that communication with them either in person, by pone or by journaling it.


Day 8 – Building Strength – Cellular Communication

(Sounds Of Transformation Vol. 7) Some questions for reflections:
  1. Where am I in my mastery already in communication? i.e. community, people, part of the body? Use that as a blueprint to repeat and allow to connect another area of your body and/or life to open heartfelt communication and harmony.


Day 9  – Let Go Of the Burdens and Lighten The Load

(Sound of Surrender Volume 11)

“I am the embodiment of pure health yes I am
I let go of the burdens that hold me back.”

What burdens do you surrender and are you letting go to lighten your load?

  1. What part of you chose to carry these burdens either for you or of others?
  2. I release the core and cause of that pattern and become refilled and refuelled with the new energy of surrender.


Day 10 – Letting Light, Playfulness and Joy come in

(Sounds of Celebration) Some questions for reflections:
    1. Where do I need to allow myself to let more playfulness, joy into my life?
    2. What am I celebrating as a result of letting go of the old burdens?


 Day 11 – My Upper Limits

(Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7)  Some questions for reflections:
      1. What am I celebrating as a result  of letting go of the old burdens
      2. Awareness about starting and birthing projects in your life
      3. Consider do you feel you have enough support in the birth process?
      4. Are you enjoying what you are birthing  and where you are stretching yourself into your upper limits
      5. Are you birthing too many projects?
      6. How am I speaking my projects/truth into creation?


Day 12 – DNA Repair and Telomere Growth

(Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7)  Some questions for reflections:
      1. Are there parts of you that fear the ageing process?
      2. Is there an aspect that feel like you have wasted time or time is slipping away?
      3. Notice what projects, thoughts, things, people , behaviours really support your life force in feeling invigorated, alive and vibrant?
      4. Which ones don’t?
      5. Connect to the next natural step and take courage in choosing the move away from that which doest invigorate.


Day 13 – I Am Sweet Surrender Yes I Am

(Sounds Of Surrender Volume 11) Some questions for reflections:
        Notice the relationship you have with your large intestine.

        1. What is my current relationship with the large intestine and how does it feel about me?
        2. If its a good relationship, then how can you magnify and continue to let that relationship be an example or blueprint for other parts of the bod?
        3. What 3 actions or aligned behaviours are you doing to respond to or nurture the relationship with your large intestine and what you surrender?
        4. What am I bringing in, surrendering into or letting go?


Day 14 – Dare To Receive

(Sounds Of Receiving) Some questions for reflections:
        1. How much do I dare receive?
        2. In the space of deep appreciation what 3 shifts am I appreciate of?
        3. What changes am I owning?
        4. What do I declare to be ready to receive?

Share with at least 3 people your significant changes the last 14 days.

Day 15 – Edge Of Your Comfort Zone -I Am Allowed To Receive Even More

(Volume 4 Sounds Of Fulfilment ) Some questions for reflections:
        1. Is there a part of you not letting you have it all? Reflecting on that aspect of yourself : Allowing more sweetness in.
        2. What do you need from me to let go of not feeling enough?
        3. What are the things I have achieved in the last 14 days in regards to what I have allowed myself to achieve, receive and shift?
          Ground the changes by sharing.


Day 16 – I Have Arrived! My Not Negotiables and My “I AM”

(Sounds Of Surrender Volume 11)  Some questions for reflections:
        1. What do I want to embody and enliven in my physical body?
        2. What does embodiment look like for my new self-image?
        3. What do I choose to integrate into my rhythm?
        4. What s my NOT NEGOTIABLE CODE OF CONDUCT that reflects my upgraded self?
        5. Deeper surrender into my I AM. What is My I AM?
        6. I integrate my I Am into walking, sleeping, eating and speaking! What is my symbol? (draw or write it down)


Day 17 – Grounding My New Self Image

(Sounds of Source Volume 1 )My I AM is circulating through the fluids and blood in my body. I am safe in my body and in my new choice!
Some questions for reflections:
        1. How old was that aspect we addressed?
        2. Is there an old hurt or betrayal in the area of my sexuality and sexual identity?
        3. Is there some level of repair happening?
        4. Do i need more support in that area?
        5. What do need for full repair and allow my new I AM self image to support the old one and to step into playfulness and lightness.


Day 18 – Purposeful Playful Action

(Sounds of Celebration Volume 2) I am the embodiment of playful action yes I am
Some questions for reflections:
        1. Is there any resistance to playing games and being playful?
        2. What did I learn from mother and father or other authority in my life about games?
        3. What game or playful memory did I access? Describe the feeling.
        4. What does that part of you need to keep staying playful?
        5. What purposeful, playful action can I take and bring into my day to stay on a journey that is fun so that I am in automatic success and cellular transformation ?

Day 19 – Integrated Divine Clarity of Who I REALLY Am!

(Sounds Of Ancient Stillness)
Some questions for reflections:
  1.  DO you have any idea who you really are? And the power of that? Balancing any old grief and integrating teachings. Integrating and balancing the Pineal gland and letting go of old sadness carried in the DNA.
  2. What teaching of ancient wisdom am i integrating? If I knew who I REALLY was., what would I create, do, all?


Day 20 – Turn Up The Volume For Inner Decisiveness. Action with Clarity. 

(Sounds of Receiving )
Some questions for reflections:
  1. What are my next steps moving forward from this program?
  2. What is my filtration system like?i.e. do i know how to filter the right for me/not so right for me? / can i filter the beneficial thoughts from the not so beneficial thoughts?
  3. Am I able to make clear decisions or to I sit in indecision. then stagnate an not act?
  4. What behaviours and aligned actions am I keeping so that I am in full expression of health and heartfelt expression?
  5. What little nudges or whispers am I choosing to action and listen to and follow through with?


Day 21 – Celebration (with Anikiko Music) and Integrating Teachings – Release, Reveal and Re-align

(we had a few people say they wanted the recording of the live for the songs at the end so we decided to leave them in the recording! I totally recognise those present had a fun surprised expereince and thank you for doing the last day!)

Some questions for reflections:
  1. What was my initial hearts desire and intention in my program?
  2. What have I released, revealed and re-aligned throughout my 21 Day Program?
  3. Celebration. What am I doing to celebrate my process and journey today?

Invitation to celebrate with those you love or with something significant to reward you for your commitment