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Welcome to the Money, Abundance, and Me Program!

Money, Abundance and Me is a 6-week program that helps you align with the abundance you were born to have and to unpack where your greatest assets are, align you with your value so that you can trade, partner and be your TRUE VOICE for work impact.

I am excited to hear your thoughts about the program and listen to all of your deepest feelings.
As you may already know, your results will be influenced by your intention. So, I am inviting you to step up and uplift your relationship with money, abundance and yourself.

Before you start the program, we need you to answer this prework.



Session 1: Foundations

Getting On Track with Money, Abundance and Me

Releasing threat, defeat and a sense of being corned. Letting go of selfishness and welcoming selflessness.

Journaling Your Genius!
Here we write down a few pages where appropriate to do some big journalling (this will be true for just a few of the following questions) or few hundred reasons why or supporting the following point and questions:

  1. What did I make financially last year?
  2. What would I like to generate this year?
  3. What did I learn from my mum about money?
  4. What did I learn from my dad about money?
  5. If money was a person, how does money feel about me? What would it say to how I treat it? What does money want and need from me?
  6. How would abundance respond? How does abundance feel about me?
  7. What outdated beliefs might I still be holding onto or entertaining regarding money?
  8. Where does threatened live in my body?
  9. What is the relationship between health and money for me? – Nutrition/food and how I nurture myself?
  10. Where am I naturally abundant?
  11. Write out how does spending more money on me / paying myself more give me ever-increasing health and freedom/ expression.
  12. Write out how does spending more money on my business give me ever-increasing health and freedom/ expression.
  13. How does being of greater service enable me to be more selfish (selfless when serving what I most deeply desire to give and share with the world)?
  14. Review your lists: how does being in an abundance give me more opportunity to create ever-increasing money flow? and health?


Session 2:

 This week we unpack your value and assets – where are you being absent from flow and your value!
What other distractions are robbing your value? Where your greatest assets are, what your dollar value per your is worth.
Listen to the replay and give yourself permission to write and shift through as many of the below points.
  1. Where is my value?
  2. Ask 3- 5 people what do you most love to receive from me?
  3. What is my gold?
  4. Where is my magic?
  5. Where is my value?/i.e. where do I put my energy easily? I flow? effortlessly?  In what things, activities, spending patterns, time spent, mind energy?
  6. Where have you lost money? Time? Regret?
  7.  Where am I being absent or getting pulled in different directions in my life? How is that impacting my flow in business?
I would also like to add this on the questions where you wrote down where your regret, loss or biggest money spent you MUST journal on all the learnings, experiences and insights you got as a benefit of those experiences.
How have they contributed to the expansion of who you are now and where you choose to go?
I was speaking to one or 2 people from the course during the week who got stuck in regret and hadn’t seen the upside of those challenges. ALWAYS sit and breath and connect to the insights and opportunities those challenges have gifted you.
Please have ready for next week:
  1. Complete your heart map
  2. Calculate your hourly value….time worth
  3. What does an hour of my time cost?
  4. Identify current products/services /deliverables I have in my toolkit kit/business
NOW ———————
and what potential expansion in the FUTURE?
Do not limit yourself! Have fun!


Session 3: Capacity

This week is all about Capacity. Capacity is your ability to receive and be a stable container for the business, abundance and energy you want following through you.

Here we test your ability to receive and also the energy of your capacity. When we reach up to 70% of our current container, it is a good idea to create a new container, a larger one or to contain the current one we have if we do not want to grow the business.

Here you are invited to calculate where you are at in your current capacity. Watch the video for the examples used.

We also shift our state in relation to our capacity situation so that we can either upskill and grow our current platform as well as plan and generate growth for the business or energy. Remember to grow the business and income you absolutely have to increase energy flow in your own physical body so this is why it is super useful to be doing the work in body /mind medicine and working with the kinesiology to shift your state.

If you find yourself having low energy in your body when you test up with the lucid scale, then ask yourself – what do I need to do to increase energy in my body? rest, exercise, nutrition, stillness and rebalance my connection with self/life (spiritual).

This week we imagined who and what we could vision ourselves doing 2-4 years away. What is the ultimate spec you could be playing in?
Homework this week is to complete any unfinished business.

To access your heart map, please click the text below:

Heart Map Sample
Heart Map Blank

Don’t forget to watch the Heart map instructional video below.

Please also be clear on how much of your capacity you have fulfilled. i.e. If you want to work 3 days a week. (24 hours), your hour rate is $200, then you have a capacity to earn $4800/week. Multiply it by the amount of week you want to work a year. That is your capacity.

If you have staff, then look at what their capacity is and what their current volume is.
Can you fill your container more? Do you need to upskill, increase energy or what? Or are you, like I was, at 90% of your capacity and need to either get more staff, build new partnerships or so on to manage and cope with the growth?

Also please identify your next natural step and action for your business, your abundance and your life.


Session 4:  Capacity Part 2

Expanding our capacity to receive evermore in business, abundance and energy.
Raising energy in your body and addressing exhaustion and low energy in our body.Watch the replay as we cover many parts.Remember you are the vehicle for the chosen business and program you are creating and the bigger problem you solve the more energy that is limitless you will create to support that intention.
Here is the worksheets to fill out as your homework. Also included is the PH chart


1. Fill in the assessment for what nourishes me and what doesn’t in the various parts of life. Also, connect to what daily choices am I making to being more energy into my body?2. What are the things you need to implement in your business and life regarding your next level and step?
Identify the products, projects, partnerships for your capacity to grow.
3. What 2 specific outcomes that are measurable to complete by next training session?
(i.e. This week I do whatever it takes to attract 2 new clients / 1 new property / 2 new staff )
You take that leap of faith and back it up with action.Make sure you have these ready for next session.


Session 5:  Fulfilment Part 1 ( Stepping Up into Your Possibility)

 Watch the Replay so the below questions make sense in your content.
Today’s context is Resilience in Vulnerability.
What if you really gave yourself permission to go to the vision beyond the vision?
It’s like taking new steps which can feel a little wonky in your chosen direction. It’s actually great to welcome the old stuff that comes up as some resistance because it’s a sure sign that as you keep taking committed enlivened action toward your intention the old patterns are having their last “tantrum” and leaving. Old habits and beliefs don’t necessarily want to be challenged.Remember we are wired to stay the same in terms of trusting and continuing an action that we may have done for years just because the neural pathways are so ingrained and it feels comfortable.

When you step outside this zone and feel “wonky” or a little “awkward” then you are on the right track. So that anything that is reacting to the new space you are setting for yourself and your business is good. You won’t grow without it.

As some of you have hit action and now your new choices are literally starring at you as very real options there is an extra step to seal the deal in you stepping into your new “not negotiable” and also fulfilling your value in what you are creating.

For some, its some old patterns surfacing as you take committed action into your program/product / deliverable etc.

Please check into these:

What was your wrong conclusion about abundance?
I give myself permission on every level to release the old paradigm and recognise it when it operates. I give myself permission on every level to make choices in my new field and paradigm, taking ownership of being the creator and director of what I create.

Acknowledge what is there and keep it moving. Do not lose momentum!

No need to FIX! Just acknowledge. Letting go of the old fragmented traumas and past to step into and dive into the connectedness of everything right now to shift out the space of threat and step into the curiosity of your ultimate possibility.


Session 6:  

Listen to  Bedtime Script  now


Session 7: Bonus trainning! 

Thank you for joining our Money Abundance and Me Program. We have loved working with you and you can revisit this information anytime. We added a bonus session to help you celebrate your changes and would love to hear your results from this content.


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