Make Your Detox Routine Effective for Long Term Results with Anikiko and Her Harmonic Healing Sounds


How often do you detox? It is known that detoxifying your body provides a number benefits. To make your detox routine more effective and beneficial, we are inviting you to join our 20 minute morning guided meditations with Anikiko using her Harmonic Healing Sounds during times of detox and healing your body.

While you physically detox your body, using specific frequencies and guided words and intentions, Anikiko will hold space for your intentions and body repair for 21 days so that you can transform not just your cells but also you state mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Just show up, log on , close your eyes and breathe with Anikiko and get your nutrition on multiple levels.

Align yourself vibrationally to EXACTLY what you want to create in your body and also in your life.


When: Aug 14, 2017 – 8am (21 consecutive days)
Where: Online Zoom
Password: (sent once registered)

We love to see our clients happy, especially those that share health, abundance, education, and alignment with others! So we are excitedly giving away $25 for referrals!

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