We are inviting you to join us on December 3rd, Friday, at the Curvy Sydney event!

Anikiko will be one of the guest speakers who will talk about her upcoming book entitled “Your Genius Zone”. It’s all about your genius zone and using your creative force to tap into abundance. In this book, you will learn some practical tips and ways to navigate you effortlessly toward solutions in your personal life and business, as well as the key components to living, sustaining and thriving in your genius zone.

So watch out for the realising date of this book and join us on this upcoming event and have the chance to build your network and connect with some of the most creative women in Australia.

CURVY is a great opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded creative souls, make new contacts, as well as friends and colleagues.

For women looking to build or amplify a successful creative business or rewarding creative career, you do not want to miss CURVY.


  • Build your network and connect with some of the most creative women in Australia.
  • Be inspired by boundary-breaking speakers and their passion for creative success.
  • Gain practical tips and tools to take your creative career or business to the next level.
  • Find new mentors and women to share your knowledge and experience with.



Each year CURVY presents a series of talks, workshops, awards, exhibitions, launches & events, and presents the latest CURVY book and magazine. Together we share ideas, tips and insights that give attendees a female perspective of the future trends breaking boundaries in progressive, creative industries at home and abroad.

Featured talent joins the CURVY alumni, an international collective in its thousands. Around these, CURVY cultivates an inspired community – creative, professional women, on their way up and focused on the future. The latest generation of outstanding female talent and vision.


For more information and to register, please click HERE