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True Voice Global Supports Leaders Who Have Big Visions And Big Voices

We help organisations, leaders, aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who want to create world impact align with their true voice. We upgrade and uplift their mindset to align with their brand, business, body and brain using the latest science based tools in human performance and development. CEO’s from fortune 500 companies use our strategies to support the growth of their business, staff and individual fulfilment.
Leaders with a big vision and a big heart can feel burnt out, lack of energy and suffer many sleepless years or feel unfulfilled in their goals, health or personal relationships. Many times because of the disruption created on the journey of creating or growing their brand. No matter how big the vision, we help them become fulfilled and connected to a meaningful journey, so they continually find the energy and confidence to do what it takes to see their vision come to fruition.

Do you feel stressed and tensed most of the time? Are you stuck or just unfulfilled not getting the benefits from the effort you put into life? Does stress become a hindrance for you to reach your hearts intentions every day? At the edge of human potential our work has seen thousands of people soar! Sydney Kinesiology’s healing touch encompasses holistic health disciplines that effectively release pain, remove stress, relax muscles, and improve energy levels to transform many areas in your life such as relationships, business, health, relationships, and personal development. Reap the benefits of having a stress-free body and mind, and a healthier life! Choose you and fulfilment now!


Did you know that that using certain Music while working can triple your productivity, reduce stress and increase recovery so you can be a calm, a more centred & a high performing leader? We are the leaders in Kinesiology in a personal and professional development and we work with individuals and companies who want the best out of health and life. Be the leader that you want to be! Find out how here!


Anikiko believes in the power of music which makes her a strong music icon to be reckoned with. For her, MUSIC is not just all about singing. It is about passion and emotions transforming and transporting audiences worldwide. Music is a form of communication which can create a huge difference. Anikiko makes use of sound and songwriting to shift states. She is known for writing for films, has been judging and winning international songwriting placements and dedicated in organizing and taking part in inspiring events. Find out how you can engage with Anikiko here!

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