Exclusive online network kinesiology sessions for entrepreneurs, leaders, aspiring leaders and business owners growing lifestyle businesses to empires for global impact

Evolve and Enliven Network kinesiology is here to make things easy for you!

If you are ready to see fast results with your inner self, then this network kinesiology session is for you. In the comfort of your home, you get to attend a network kinesiology class where you:

• Apply proven techniques to make real change in your life

• Connect with other leaders

• Create your full potential in life and business

We help organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals align their true voice for world impact, helping them achieve amazing results in life, health and relationships along the way.

With so many conflicting opinions out their and advice by gurus and other professionals, it can get really confusing for what really works. Imagine 1 place where you can get breakthroughs in multiple areas of your life…

Who is Anikiko?

Kinesiologist, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Coach and Author.

• A qualified Clinical Therapeutic Harpist who specializes in Palliative and Oncology environments.

• A qualified Resolve, Neuro-Training and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist who has been working with clients for over 10 years to empower and unleash their creative potentials.

• A qualified Resolve, Neuro-Training and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist who has been working with clients for over 10 years to empower and unleash their creative potentials.

• A passionate woman working with clients of all backgrounds, ages and those who are ready to take the leap into a more meaningful life.

• Her mission is to help her clients live a powerful life and assist them to achieve the most essential things in life whether it be health, wealth, learning, overcoming obstacles, powerful self-expressions and more.

This program is for you if:

* You want fast results from the comfort of your own home

* You want to experience the kinesiology technology and see how fast you can achieve real change in your life and business

*You want to see results and measure the success

*You would like a regular session with an expert who has helped over 10,000 people in group and one to one sessions

*Distance or travel is a hurdle

*You value fulfilment in health, business, relationships and life

This Training is not available anywhere else online!


When: 1st Monday of the month 8pm (Sydney Time AUS), or 1st Thursday of the Month 10am (Pacific Time USA)

After 23 years of practicing, over 10,000 sessions, testing and proving results with ten’s of thousands of clients, I’ve developed Network Kinesiology, this cutting-edge program to help you shift and move mountains in your life. Every month we share different tools to help you in your life and business.

If you are finding yourself stuck, blocked and or in physical pain, emotional stress or anxiety, feeling powerless and unfulfilled then see below and access this program right now.

"Experience freedom, joy, happiness and purpose. You can create whatever you want when you are free to do it."


#1. Weekly guided processes to keep shifting your state and your relationship to money, abundance and self

#2. Lifetime access to a Private Membership Area with recordings of all sessions

Tens of thousands of people globally have seen their lives change, now it’s your turn. We look forward to seeing you in this program and make sure you get access below so you dont miss out on the next sessions and this price will only be available for a limited amount of time.

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