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Topic: Complete Restart Revitalise

US & Europe: 26th Dec 2017 at 5PM Eastern/4PM Central/
2 PM Pacific/9PM GMT
AU & NZ: 27th Dec 2017 at 8 AM AEST/10 AM NZST/
2.30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time)

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A 5 hour 3 step simple and effective pay it forward system that ignites a powerful next 12 months as well as dissolve and diffuse the unfinished business and mental or emotional charge from the year you have just had. Many people start the new year with all the intentions and heart in the right place to be healthy, save, nurture themselves or their relationship or step their business up however the unfinished business and unfulfilled intentions do hang around not only in your mind using up precious glucose energy and attention span but also in your body and emotions draining you of important energy. It’s that time of year where we use the opportunity of a very powerful and focused window of time between Christmas and New Year. Together we will throw out the old, create and activate the new intentions for 2017.

Last year had such a powerful outcome for all attendees. When the rest of society trends are busy with holidays, festivities, one of the most powerful times is when you commit a short but focused time to dedicate to a vision you wish to create. We use proven tools and techniques that are not traditional in goal setting that does use the power of the WHOLE brain and aligning to heart, head and body for what it is you most want or desire to receive for your life, business and relationships in the year ahead.

As mentioned we PAY IT FORWARD and use 10% of intake to fund a worthwhile cause like Amnesty International.

Let’s not let the end of this year go by without setting up 2017 before it hits. Let’s not wait til the end of January to set intentions and goals. Let’s take initiative and use the window of a highly charged time of year for change. Taking a day out in this holiday period will prove to have exponential benefits as we take a step toward ourselves and away for a moment from the craziness of Christmas. Reward you, your family and your 2016/17 with a gift to you.


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