We Evolve and Enliven the Heartbeat Behind Your Brand

True Voice Global is an educational online and offline platform which supports leaders who have a big vision and big voice. We inspire, empower, and activate the heartbeat behind the brand we work with then person individually as well as the business.Since 2000, we have been working in success with our clients through thousands of sessions, hundreds of seminars, and delivery to groups and businesses. Our clients include Channel Ten, ABC, Merivale Group, Karma Kandara, and other high-profile individuals and highly functional people.

Whether you are a leader or an ordinary person who has been looking for a change in the game of your life, True Voice Global provides you with a pathway to take you through your journey as the heartbeat of your life, giving you fulfillment in every effort you put into your business, brand, and life.

True Voice Global has the vision to shift stress, burnout and overwhelm in over 1 million people moving through a personal and professional change in the next 12 months.

The founder Anikiko, assists groups and individuals with powerful tools to manage your mind, energy levels, decision making process and health in order to unlock new levels in business, revenue, focus, create powerful relationship personally and professionally and love what you do. Anikiko is a Speaker, High level Kinesiologist and Vibrational Medicine Specialist, retraining brains, bodies and behaviours helping people through the most challenging times in business, health and relationships.

What makes True Voice Global unique is that we bring science and art together. We bring the top tools of high-level Kinesiology with more than 20 years of clinical experience. With our exceptional vibrational medicine and a prolifically creative artist, we help to create a system to assist people in navigating through the toughest of challenges on their business and family journey.

True Voice Global helps entrepreneurs and small business as well as individuals looking for fulfillment by talking to them about purpose built brands and educational platforms. We hear their issues and experience and share tools and strategies about how to survive, thrive, and feel great in every day of their life and business.

We stand for creating gateways for people who want a significant, meaningful change in their life. With our rich experience, we want to provide an inspired alignment and navigation to those who are looking for their own compass in the often disruptive and turbulent journey of growing in life and business.